Moleskine unveils “Smart Writing System,” lets you create Office documents by writing on paper

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Microsoft Surface devices are usually considered the king of digital note taking, but Moleskine has partnered with Microsoft to bring together the best of the digital and physical note taking worlds. Noted by Engadget, Moleskin has unveiled a “Smart Writing System” Windows 10 app, which lets you create Microsoft Office documents by just writing on paper.

The application depends on the use of a Neo smartpen-type quill with an embedded camera to track your handwriting and drawings while inking on a unique type of Moleskine paper with an invisible tracking grid. Once the pen recognizes your input, it can transfer the information in real time to a Surface or other Bluetooth-enabled Windows 10 device into a Microsoft Word document. There’s also support for drawing images and charts into PowerPoint and OneNote as well.

This is definitely an interesting partnership, helping those who are not considered on the power of digital ink or the Surface Pen. The Moleskin Smart Writing System was previously available on iOS and Android, comes in at $199, plus $30 for extra notebook pages.

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