Mojang Studios joins The Mangrove Restoration Project to celebrate the release of Minecraft: The Wild Update

Robert Collins

Minecraft’s Wild Update was released earlier this month, introducing the new Mangrove Swamp biome. While Minecraft mangroves are inspiring in and of themselves, Mojang Studios is hoping to help educate gamers about the importance of mangrove forests in the real world, and their impact on the environment.

That is why the studio is partnering up with The Nature Conservancy to help in its efforts to protect mangrove forests across the globe. Mojang will be donating $200K to The Nature Conservancy in addition to partnering with Everbloom Games to release a free map, Rooted Together. In the Rooted Together map, players can learn all about mangrove forests as they play.

Minecraft fans interested in learning more about both Minecraft mangroves and real-world mangroves can check out this link, and you can also check out Rooted Together here.