Mojang developers share top ten Minecraft bugs

Kit McDonald

Minecraft Creeper from Mojang Pocket Edition Windows 10 Beta

Minecraft has gone through a lot of revisions, but none so much as in the early stages of development, particularly the dreaded days of Alpha and Beta when every new release meant a server wipe for Java Edition users. Ah, the good old days. As infuriating as bugs were back then, we tend to look on them fondly or at least with a semblance of humor and the developers at Mojang are no different.

Today, the voices over at Mojang shared their favorite ten glitches, bugs, and issues while making the hit sandbox title. Some such confessions include developer tricks that bled through into releases. Jens Bergensten shared that they’ve actually pushed out early builds before in-game commands were created, spawning inventories of testing objects and mods for players after the updates. One other story is the origin of the Creeper, malformed pig models that were so scary that became an iconic part of the Minecraft universe.

That time I accidentally taught the Enderdragon to dance was pretty fun! I made her indecisive: she kept changing her mind about whether she wanted to go kill endermen, go sit on the portal, or go fly away. I didn’t have the heart to fix it so I left her like that for a day.


From accidentally flipping the world generation on its axis, Wither crashes, and the accidental spawning of villages atop water biomes, Minecraft has come a long way through the years. No doubt there are more bugs to be discovered as with any other game, some more hilarious than others. Read all the confessions over at