Gameloft’s Modern Combat 5 arrives on Windows Phone, to hit Windows 8.1 later today

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Modern Combat 5 arrives on Windows Phone, to hit Windows 8 later today

Over the last few months, the game company Gameloft has partnered with Microsoft to brings its popular gaming titles, as well as several amazing offers, to Windows Phone and other Microsoft platforms. The gaming company ensures that Windows Phone games are released on the same day as its iOS and Android counterparts. As previously announced, Gameloft today released “Modern Combat 5: Blackout” for Windows Phone (among other platforms).

Blackout is the new title in the successful military shooter, Modern Combat — which is often considered as the “Call of Duty” for smartphones. The publisher claims that with the new installment, they are bringing console-like graphics to mobile handsets. The title also sees new Spec Ops missions as well as special weapons like scout drones.

The multiplayer shooter also allows you to talk to other players in Global and Squad Chat. You can team up with your friends to make a squad and then go up against other similar squads. 

While Modern Combat 5 doesn’t offer any IAPs (in-app purchases), it requires you to be connected to the internet in order to play. Though, that is just a form of DRM check — testing if your copy is legit. Thanks to the stunning graphics, you will need at least a gig of RAM to play the title. Also, it is not available for free, as you are required to pay $6.99. The Windows 8.1 app of the version will become available later today

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