Mobile preview 14327 adds app update notifications to the Action Center

Kareem Anderson

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In all of the hubbub about Messaging Everywhere and Cortana’s extended language support, Windows 10 Mobile Insiders should be forgiven for overlooking a crucial addition in today’s mobile release. Mobile preview build 14327 also brings the lauded feature of app update notifications from the Windows Store to the Action Center.

For any user with over a handful of apps installed on their device (despite the app gap), app update notifications are essential. With the new addition of the feature, users no longer need to routinely schedule a time to visit the Windows Store on mobile, to check and see if an app has been updated. Instead, users will now find a notification, similar to incoming email, text messages or a retweet, in their Action Center informing them that there is an update for a particular app waiting for them.

Ironically, Windows Phone 8.1 offered this feature a few years ago to users. As they say, you never truly miss something, until it is gone. Fortunately, it’s back, and Windows 10 Mobile Insiders can take advantage of it starting today.