US desktop web use remains stable as mobile use skyrockets

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People are using mobile devices for the internet more and more. It’s also said that mobile usage is going to take away from desktop usage but according to statistics from comScore, people are increasing their mobile usage, but not decreasing their desktop usage, at least in the United States.

A report by the Wall Street Journal shares insight on people’s internet habits based on comScore’s data. The chart below indicates the “total minutes spent online on desktop computers and mobile devices” in billions per month.

Internet usage in billions of minutes per month

The chart shows a rapid increase of minutes spent online on mobile devices since February 2013, increasing from about just over 400 billion to just under 900 billion. That time spent online doesn’t seem to detract much from desktop use of the internet though as during the same time period minutes online steadily hovered at near 500 billion minutes per month. To put some of those numbers in perspective, 500 billion minutes, the approximate time that only the United States spent online on desktop devices, is over 950,642 years.

Based on this data it seems that people are using the internet for more minutes of their day but mobile use doesn’t eat away from desktop use, at least in the US. In emerging markets, where desktop use was never strong, the numbers may be quite different, and comScore only measured US data.

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