Mixer’s iOS and Android apps update with a massive speed boost and offline channel improvements

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Email Twitter: @shuttlecock Aug 29th, 2019 inNews

The official Mixer app updated to Version 4.8 today on iOS and Android devices. This update added a significant speed boost to the floating video player which had to be slowly dragged across the screen before but no quickly zips to the desired location with the slightest tap.

This update also improves the look of offline channels and also added the ability to use Mixplay features while a streamer is away.

Here’s the full release notes:

  • Squashed a lot of sign in bugs
  • Offline channel state is cleaner, sleeker, with a banner.
  • Mixplay can now be accessed while the channel is offline! Great for testing.

Mixer is Microsoft’s own video game streaming platform which has been garnering a lot of attention recently with several major announcements and the mega-popular streamer, Ninja, making the jump from Twitch.

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