Mixer's "FTL" low latency streaming now available in beta on Android and iOS

The Mixer Team today announced that Mixer's "FTL" low latency streaming is now available in beta on Android and iOS. The availability is part of Mixer's ongoing commitment to build the most interactive platform for broadcasters and viewers alike.

To test the feature on Android, you can download the Mixer app, and sign up for the Beta. On iOS, you can test the feature by signing up for an invite. FTL will be on by default in the beta, and you can switch to a non-FTL stream at any time by tapping the rocket ship FTL icon on the top right-hand corner of the stream.

If you so happen to have the chance to test out the feature, be sure to submit feedback to the Mixer Team, as it will only help make the experience better for everyone in the future.

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