Mixer spins cat videos in new YouTube ad: “Stream it or it didn’t happen”

Kit McDonald

Microsoft Mixer cat video

Almost everyone loves a good cat video on the internet, not that they would admit it. But even Mixer has taken to utilizing that guilty pleasure with their most recent advertisements.

The 30-second long commercial shows a player needing to hop up from the couch, telling her friends on Xbox Live that she’ll be right back. Meanwhile, her cat decides that it is more important to finish the match she’s in, leading the team to victory with its major league gaming skills. The lesson learned? Stream it or it didn’t happen.

The motto is part of a new set of advertisements and commercials for Mixer in light of its rebranding.

For those of you that may not know, Mixer is the live streaming service that encourages real-time influence with viewers and hosts. Originally, it was called Beam, which was renamed due to a legal matter. Microsoft felt that the streaming service was better called Mixer due to its goal “to empower gamers and everyone who wants to share their passion”, advertised as crossing between any hobby that can be shared through interaction.