Mixer apps update on iOS and Android with new Home screen and improved discoverability

Mixer iPhone app
Email Twitter: @shuttlecock Mar 19th, 2020 inNews

The Android and iOS Mixer apps updated today with the recently announced improved Home screen and clips functionality.

The Home screen now contains a much wider variety of streamers and categories which should improve discoverability enormously for those that have found it hard to grow their audience with the influx of major influencers such as Ninja.

Mixer app on iOS

Mixer app on iOS

Here’s the official release notes with all of the changes:

  • Find all your favorite streams easier with the freshly updated Home section!
  • All users can now create clips on Partner and Verified channels if the streamer enables it with rank or role based access
  • We’ve added a new bell button that you can use to choose when to get notified when a streamer goes live
  • Player version visible under player settings menu

Microsoft’s video game streaming platform has grown quite a bit this past year with a large increase in streamers, viewers, and features.

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