Miss out on an Xbox One X Scorpio Edition? You can still go vertical with this $15 stand

The limited Scorpio Edition of the Xbox One X came and went in the blink of an eye. Pre-orders for the console came fast, so you couldn’t be blamed for having missed your chance to grab it. Fortunately, Microsoft is selling the vertical console stand – one of the selling points of the Xbox One X – on its own, for just $15. It’s a good option if you ended up picking up the Xbox One X, but couldn’t grab that special edition.

The stand is a flat piece of plastic, there to make sure you can stand your Xbox One X vertically without worrying about the thing dropping on its side. It should be a good option for people who may struggle to find space for the console, or just prefer the look of a console that’s standing up tall among the rest of their cable boxes and other peripherals.

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