Mirror's Edge Catalyst launch trailer looks awesome

Two more weeks until Mirror's Edge Catalyst launches! Fans are counting down the days in anticipation for the next installment of Mirror's Edge, the unique running parkour adventure that burst onto the scene eight years ago. Today, Electronic Arts released a new launch trailer titled "Why We Run" starring the protagonist Faith Connors.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst will be giving insight to Connor's origins, painting a picture of her rise against the city of Glass's powers-that-be. The people won't rise against the Conglomerate and the evil Gabriel Kruger without someone to open their eyes.

So don't wait! As we reported a week ago, Mirror's Edge Catalyst is already available for pre-order on XBox One, PLaystation 4, and PC. Pre-download the game and be able to play as soon as it goes live at 12:01 AM EST on July 7, 2016.

Learn more about the story and mechanics of theĀ game on the Mirrors Edge Catalyst official website.

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