Minecraft's new launcher removes the need for standalone Java to play

Minecraft's new launcher remove the need for standalone Java to play

Java exists as a ubiquitous programming language across industries and devices, however Java retains a reputation for being insecure. Unfortunately a huge number of programs and web apps have been written in Java including the wildly popular game Minecraft. The developer behind Minecraft has been working on developing a new game launcher which removes the need for users to have Java installed system wide. The new launcher will automatically download the appropriate Java runtime (x86 or x64) and install it locally within the Minecraft program files.

This new launcher will allow users to play Minecraft without opening their systems to attack via Java. By relegating the Java files to the Minecraft directory standard Java exploits won't work without users downloading Java on their own. In addition to improved security this new launcher will use the appropriate Java for user's system architectures meaning x64 systems which have been running 32-bit Java will see significant performance improvements. Users who installed the proper version of Java will not see noticeable improvements to their gameplay.

Play Minecraft more securely and get playing faster with this new launcher

This new and improved launcher also protects users from bloatware which Java tries to sneak onto systems during the install process. Default settings through the installer will add an Ask.com toolbar to unsuspecting Minecrafters' computers. Mojang has also kept Minecraft running with the same code while reducing their reliance upon Oracle who owns Java. Users looking to use the new installer can head to Mincraft.net and download the latest launcher. Using the new launcher will simplify the gaming process, secure your system (if you uninstall system wide Java), and ensure you won't wake up to Ask.com as your default search engine.

Microsoft's acquisition of Mojang has not resulted in any changes to Minecraft so far, but changes like these are welcome. Minecraft has an audience across ages and genders, with a complex install process on the PC more users will simply seek to game using their smartphones, or game consoles. This plan to include Java within the Minecraft installer will make the game more accessible to all ages looking to play on their PCs.

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