Minecraft's Kaplan challenges fans: 1 million retweets for in-game bosses, maybe

Minecraft is a large sandbox game that encourages players towards becoming stronger and exploring further out. But the end goal, as most would say, is to fight the dreaded Ender Dragon at The End dimension filled with Endermen. Granted, the boss has a tone of finality to it, but players would love to see more to work toward.

In an attempt to drum up support, one fan BigKuhfahl on Twitter asked Daniel Kaplan, business developer for Mojang, what it would take to get new bosses in the game. The user asked how many retweets it would take, a common phrasing to drum up support on social media. Kaplan replied: One million!

That being said, the hashtag #NewBossesInMinecraft has been spreading. As it stands, the new tweet is only up to 984 retweets with backing even from Microsoft Studios to get the ball rolling.

While Kaplan made a note in response that there were 'no promises' guaranteed, the goal of one million backers to a simple concept as new bosses in Minecraft could be the spark that sets the flame. If you want to see #NewBossesInMinecraft, retweet the above and tell your friends!

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