Minecraft’s Fauna Faire begins today

David Allen

If you’re a Minecraft fan, today is a good day, the next seasonal adventure Fauna Faire is open.  Experience the new and improved Tower, expanded from solo play to multiplayer mode.  The new format highlights collaboration, so having a close-knit team of four players is vital.  If you need a little practice before taking on Tower you can head to Jungle Island for training and new gear.

The pets of the Faire have also received updates, penguins, cats, ferrets, raccoons, and red pandas have all received updates and they’re waiting for you to proceed through the adventure.  If you want to enjoy everything Fauna Faire has to offer, the Adventure Pass is available.  The Adventure Pass gets you additional pets flairs, emotes, skins, and more.

To learn more about what Fauna Faire is all about head over to their website.

Image via Minecraft