Minecraft’s Boss Update arrives in beta on Android, adds new battles, new building blocks, more

Arif Bacchus

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Minecraft, Windows 10, Xbox

If you’re currently playing  Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition beta, Pocket Edition, or Gear VR Edition, you might want to prepare yourself for an incoming update. The folks over at Mojang have announced that The Boss Update will be rolling out to all owners of these versions of the game in the fall, with an Android version in public beta form starting today.

The Boss Update is packed with content that should please every type of Minecraft player. Two big new boss battles, new blocks for building and the first set of long-awaited slash commands will all be included in the update.

Thanks to the incoming update, survival players will soon be in for a treat, as Ocean Monuments will be discoverable, meaning you can soon enjoy adventuring in the new, rare locations with your friends beneath the sea. Survival players also will soon be able to fight the Elder Guardian boss and its squad of Guardian sea creatures and conquer underwater enclaves and loot their treasures.

Minecraft Pocket Edition Windows 0.14.0 Menu
Minecraft Pocket Edition Windows

Additionally, with the Boss update, the Witner boss will be introduced in the Windows 10 versions of the game. This means you can soon work to defeat the powerful , floating, three-headed mob and claim the nether star item that it drops. In line with this, and as we previously reported before, creative players will also benefit from the update, and will soon be able to use beacons, sea lanterns, and prismarine blocks in their creations.

Last on the list of new additions is Slash commands. This feature will soon allow you to make quick changes to the game without utilizing a menu. Examples of uses include giving other players things from your inventory, summon a mob at your will, changing the time of day or weather, swap back and forth between survival and creative modes.

Stay Tuned to WinBeta, as once this update goes live we will be there to cover it for you! Until then, you can head over to our Minecraft news hub for all the latest Minecraft news and information.