Minecraft will deliver your very own real world “Mine Chest” for $30/month

Laurent Giret

Minecraft players, what if you could enjoy in real life the same feeling of discovery and excitement when you break those blocks in Minecraft? Well, Minecraft developer Mojang is today introducing Mine Chest, a Minecraft subscription box that will deliver every month to your doorstep a set of Minecraft collectibles including “some items that you can’t mine anywhere else”.

The subscription will cost players $29.99 per month and will be restricted to US players at first, while the first Mine Chest boxes will start shipping in the in May 2016 Here are all the goodies you’ll get in Mine Chest according to Mojang:

Part of the fun with every Mine Chest is taking inventory of the themed chest contents. Hidden just below each month’s Exclusive Minecraft T-shirt, you’ll uncover Minecraft Toys and Collectibles as well as Minecraft DIY Crafting Recipes PLUS Exclusive Minecraft items available to Mine Chest subscribers first!

Mine Chest adventures are designed to last well beyond the un-boxing and never repeat. Month after month, your Mine Chest will be filled with items that players of all ages will enjoy wearing, collecting, and creating. A Mine Chest subscription adds to the depth of players’ game knowledge as well as their Minecraft apparel and real life crafting experience. Bridging the space between game play and real world creativity, even the in-game chest replica that arrives at your front door can be transformed into something new and fun.


Mojang also specifies that it is currently running an extremely limited “Beta Chest” program, and players who subscribe right now will be among the first to receive a Mine Chest. It’s very interesting to see Mojang trying a new monetization model while also promising Minecraft fans an even more addictive experience that expand to your real life. You can subscribe right now on the dedicated website, please tell us in the comments if you’re ready to pay a subscription to enjoy more exclusive content in your favorite game.