Minecraft is being used to teach religion in Spain

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Minecraft, having recently made strides in Education, has added a new area of teaching to its catalog. On a post about world heroes in education, priest and educator Daniel Pajuelo Vazquez discusses his use of Minecraft in the classroom.

Teaching in Spain, Daniel has made a commitment to empowering kids through the use of technology. Whether its classes on building a Raspberry Pi or workshops on Arduino, Daniel uses these courses to build children's self-esteem who are failing in other academic areas. After observing the hours these kids spent watching Minecrft on Youtube, he suspected he could grasp their attention by implementing this popular videogame into the curriculum.

Daniel Pajuelo Vazquez
Daniel pajuelo vazquez

To help in the area of religious education, Daniel has turned to Minecraft to gain the attention of the kids.  Using Minecraft Daniel has been successful in instructing the children on how to build  a Catholic temple in his religious classes. Through this class other educators have been able to see new interests in children with some becoming interested in architecture and even running Minecraft servers as admins.

What may have started as a simple video game for building your own world has become a good tool for educators to use in their classroom. Using the tools necessary to build worlds in Minecraft, educators can leverage those developed skills into different avenues for their students.

Is the use of Minecraft in education a good tool for academic development? Let us know in the comments.

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