Minecraft update introduces female characters, brings Achievement parity to Xbox 360 owners

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Minecraft update introduces female characters and brings Achievement parity to Xbox 360 owners

It’s taken Mojang six years but this week they’re finally adding the ability for gamers to play as a female character in all console versions of Minecraft with the addition of a special “Alex” skin which boasts thinner arms and a ponytail. The official blog post also mentions the inclusion of “redder hair” in the Alex skin which is something I didn’t realize was gender specific and seems like an odd inclusion. With the simplistic style of the games though, perhaps a color difference was needed to help differentiate different types of players. As you can see in the above image though, female characters can still be customized to showcase a variety of skin tones and hair colors in a similar way to the male avatar, Steve.

Owners of the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft are also in for a special treat this week with an update that will add new music and several new Xbox Achievements to the game, bringing it up to the same number of Achievements as the Xbox One version. 

The Alex skin will be available for Minecraft console gamers as part of a free update on Wednesday this week and the Xbox 360-specific update should be out around the same time.

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