Minecraft update 1.18.10 is available – Now with more frogs

Robert Collins

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Minecraft 1.18.10 has been released on all platforms. It is essentially a small forerunner to the much anticipated Wild Update, which is themed around nature and “Scary things,” and is set for a June 2022 release.

So what about this current update, which released on February 8th? Well, what you’ll notice most about 1.18.10 (which, to be clear, is a patch for the Cliffs and Caves 2 update) is that it is, how shall we put it? Frogtastic? Frogalicious? Anyway, it’s mostly all about amphibians with this release. The updates’ highlight is the addition of frogs and tadpoles.

These will spawn (quite reasonably) in swamp biomes. They will also lay eggs that hatch tadpoles, that will eventually grow into more frogs (and what type of frog they will become will vary depending on the biome in which they are born). Players can even use buckets to catch and collect tadpoles, though to what purpose remains unclear.

Frogs and tadpoles aren’t the only new addition to the game, however. This patch also adds a long list of fixes, over 100 in all, some of which address saving and crashing bugs. Many of the tweaks (and the list is massive) are meant to bring the Java and Bedrock Editions of the game in-line with each other, and create a more consistent experience regardless of which version players are using, which is a step toward version parity that Mojang has been touting recently.