Minecraft tops list of E3-related interactions on Facebook

E3 2017 is just over a month away, and along with the reveal of Microsoft's Project Scorpio, there is still plenty of talk as to what else will happen at this year's installment of the annual trade fair for the video game industry. Indeed, a recent report from VentureBeat shows that Minecraft is topping the list of E3-related interactions on Facebook.

According to the report, Facebook has measured what people have said about the console and PC game markets, with 36 million total Facebook users talking about their favorite games more than 100 million times. Topping the list of most talked about PC and console games on Facebook in the past 30 days is Minecraft, with 2,529,400 people discussing it, making for a total of 4,346,800 Minecraft themed Facebook interactions.

In close second is Super Mario, with a total of 2,474,808 people discussing the Nintendo exclusive title, and with 3,635,016 Facebook interactions.  In third is the popular soccer game FIFA, with a total of 1,951,900 people discussing it, and with a total of 3,606,600 interactions.

Other hit games on the list of 20 titles include Call of Duty (1,769,600 people and 3,053,800 interactions,) Resident Evil, (1,293,900 people and 2,292,600 interactions,) Star Wars: Battlefront (859,300 people and 1,869,200 interactions,) and Grand Theft Auto (858,900 people and 1,278,600 interactions.)

The measurements occurred between Aprill 1 and April 30th, and according to the report, were centered around the "organic conversation around the gaming industry’s most popular titles and brands for PC and console ahead of E3." Facebook's measurements also showed that top countries discussing E3 included United States, Brazil, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and the Philippines. Also, roughly a third of these 36 million Facebook users talking about E3 were women, and a third were over age 35.

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