Minecraft to launch on Nintendo Switch on May 11 with free Super Mario Mash-Up pack

Minecraft developer Mojang announced yesterday that the popular sandbox game will launch on the Nintendo Switch on May 11, just two months after the new console launched worldwide. This new edition of the game will include the Super Mario Mash-Up pack, which was an exclusive DLC that launched on Minecraft: Wii U Edition last year.

Playing Minecraft on the Nintendo Switch will be a familiar experience of those of you who already tried the different console editions of the game, and the Switch will also support splitscreen multiplayer. Mojang highlighted a few differences though:

The big difference is how the game works with the various viewing and playing options the Switch offers, with its lovely palm-sized Joy-Cons and choice of TV or portable screens. Up to 8 players can get together online, while 4 can join each other in local multiplayer on the TV or in tabletop mode, supporting both splitscreen and the Pro Controller.

Minecraft Nintendo Switch 2
The Nintendo Switch Edition will also support split screen multiplayer.

Since the Nintendo Switch launched worldwide on March 3, the new console has been an instant success and remains in shot supply in several markets. The Switch is currently the best-selling console in Japan by a large margin, and analysts expect it to replace the original Wii as Nintendo's best-selling console of all time (via Bloomberg).

Minecraft remains one of the most popular video games ever, with Mojang announcing in February that sales had reached 122 million units. The game is pretty much available on every platforms, and the game studio is currently working to bring a specially adapted version of Minecraft for Chinese players.

Do you own a Nintendo Switch, and if so are you looking forward to play Minecraft on it? Sound off in the comments if you expect the sandbox game to be popular on the new console.

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