Minecraft: The Wild Update is now out

Robert Collins

Updated on:

Minecraft fans rejoice: the wait is finally over! The Wild Update has at last arrived, launching June 7. The update is available for both the Java (Windows, macOS, and Linux) and Bedrock (Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch,  iOS,  Android, and Windows) editions of the game. And of course on Windows you can play both versions in the bundled Minecraft: Java and Bedrock Edition, which also releases on June 7 alongside The Wild Update.

This long-anticipated update brings two new biomes to the game –  The Deep Dark and the Mangrove Swamps. Four new mobs are also introduced: the warden, the allay, and frogs and tadpoles. Several new block types are also added, among them sculk, mud, and mangrove wood.

The Wild Update also brings a slew of tweaks and bug fixes in addition to the new locales, items, and even music tracks to both versions of Minecraft. With so much to discover that we don’t want to spoil for you, you will just have to install the update and start exploring to find everything it has to offer.

Featured image courtesy of nintendoeverything.com.