Minecraft Super Duper Graphics Pack could be coming on May 1st

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While no official release date for the Minecraft Super Duper Graphics Pack has been announced by Microsoft or Mojang, a product listing for it on Amazon may have leaked it early.

On the product page for the Minecraft Super Duper Graphics digital download code, the release date is stated as being May 1st 2018. Amazon product pre-orders do often have placeholder dates but these are usually for dates much farther into the future and often stated as being sometime in December of the current or even following year.


The Minecraft Super Duper Graphics Pack is an add-on for the popular Minecraft video game that will bring high resolution textures to the main game and will also provide a 4K options for those playing on an Xbox One X console. Here’s what the official product listing says of the add-on.

Experience your Minecraft worlds in a stunning new way with the Super Duper Graphics Pack.

Watch sun stream through fog, grass sway in the breeze and gaze upon crystal clear waters that reflect your creations back at you!

Mobs, animals, everything – all reimagined.

Super Duper Graphics Pack – Minecraft, like you’ve never seen before.

Requires Minecraft game sold separately.

Are you excited for the Minecraft Super Duper Graphics Pack and do you think this date is correct? Let us know in the comments below.

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