Minecraft: Story Mode is coming to Netflix, Stranger Things video game announced

In a surprise report today, it's been confirmed that the Minecraft Story Mode video game, which saw release on Windows 10 and Xbox consoles, will be coming to the Netflix video streaming service.

Few details are available about this release though an official statement from Netflix to TechRadar did confirm that it would consist of five episodes. Given that Minecraft Story Mode is an interactive story that mostly revolves around the player selecting multiple choice dialogue options, it's easy to see how relatively simple the transition to Netflix could be.

The original Minecraft Story Mode video game does consist of some three dimensional exploration and even the occasional fight sequence though, both of which require the processing power needed for a traditional video game, so that aspect of the game could be replaced with video footage or removed entirely if it's to work through the regular Netflix app.

In related news, Telltale Games, the game studio who made Minecraft Story Mode, will be making a new video game based on Netflix's Stranger Things TV series. Making a story-based video game based on an existing franchise isn't new to Telltale Games whose previous titles have been based on Batman, Game of Thrones, Guardians of the Galaxy, and The Walking Dead.

No other information is known about their Stranger Things game beyond that it's being worked on but, given how similar all of Telltale's games are to each other, it's unlikely that it will be too different from what fans have grown to love.

What do you think about Minecraft Story Mode coming to Netflix and would you pay a Stranger Things video game? Let us know in the comments below and don't forget to follow us on Twitter for more video game news.

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