Minecraft releases Tumble, a new console mini game, free today

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Minecraft continues to streamline new game modes for the multiplayer experience on console. Adding to the Battle arena inspired by the Hunger Games, their new mini game called Tumble is the latest buzz. And of course, the game mode is completely free in an update available today!

The idea of Tumble came from the popular game Spleef! Opponents use shovels to dig out blocks from underneath their foes. The other variant of the of the game includes snowballs instead for a more ranged tactical combat. Explosive TNT and sticky slime blocks play as obstacles to keep the game interesting.  Each match will result in a best out of three with randomized maps built with layers and layers of fun. Of course, one has to be careful not to fall too far themselves or it’s game over.

Each time someone falls into the fiery pit of doom below, a colored indicator will go gray to indicate they have been eliminated. Take out the rest of your opponents through strategy, quickness, and precision to dominate.

It’s likely we’ll see more maps come out for Tumble on the Xbox Store as additional downloadable content. In celebration of the new mini game’s release, Battle even got three new maps for purchase. The $2.99 USD price tag will nab you the colossal Castle, the incredible Shipyard and the terrifying Invasion maps for more ways to destroy your opponents for ultimate victory.

Mojang confirmed when Battle was released two months ago that it was just the beginning for multiplayer mini games in Minecraft’s console version. The hot join feature lets players get in and out when they need to with populated games at all times. What other mini games do you think Mojang could bring out for Xbox One’s multiplayer?

Be sure to check out the new game mode by letting Minecraft update on your Xbox One. Let us know what you think about the Tumble mini game.


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