Minecraft Realms adds four new fan-created maps

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Everyone once in a while, Mojang finds a few fan-made Minecraft maps that they like. After working with the creators and adding a few tweaks, these maps are given the stamp of approval to be accessed on Minecraft Realms. As of today, PC players will be able to find four new maps in the growing list of realm configurations.

Valley of the Kings by The Broken Buttons - A true capture the flag game mode with an impressively sided map to boot. Set in the Egyptian desert, you're dropped into the middle of a rivalry between locals and a team of Archaeologists. But don't let the size of the map scare you. Just recruit the scarab beetles to ride straight into the enemy base. Valley of the Kings is perfect for large groups, but it can still be played with the smaller limit of 11 for Realms thanks to the five AI skeletons that will defend your flag. Broken Buttons is also working on a sister map that will be Winter themed and have control points, so that's worth keeping an eye out for.

Canopy Dream by Theticman30 and ChildOfStars - A custom map created for survival mode. With the large jungle as your home and a pre-built treehouse, you should be just about ready to take on the horde coming in the dark of the night.

Minecraft Realms Canopy Map

Gray by MinecraftRedstoning - This 2D minigame is about knocking out all of the lights to turn them gray. Moving over a square will toggle the light on and off and with a limited number of moves, the player will need to master the ability to stay one step ahead of the game.

Sad Panda Adventures by Mithey - Travel with panda mounts through five different levels. This rail shooting game keeps you on a set path while you shoot your weapon to fend off enemies and gather loot for the taking. Ride alone or with friends to unlock up to five different panda mounts.

To access the maps, you must own a Minecraft Realm which you can purchase subscribe to for $7.99 USD per month. This let's you and ten friends play on a multiplayer server directly from Mojang without nearly any downtime. You don't even have to be online for your friends to log in. You'll be able to select any of these maps from the repetoire of mini-games, custom spawns, and adventure maps. These special maps are perfect for playing with friends and can be switched in place of your default server world easily from the Minecraft Realms options.

If you'd like to see the maps in action, Mojang developer Moesh will be hosting a livestream at 1:00 p.m. EST. That's only an hour away, so hop on over to Twitch and grab some popcorn.

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