Minecraft pushes out one last Snapshot for 2016 with surprises in store

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Minecraft for PC isn't a stranger to receiving multiple preview updates between big releases, so today's snapshot 16W50A wasn't too surprising of a reveal. Except even in this minor update, players were given a present of some features worth opening up for the holiday break.

A blog post released by Mojang teased that the previously added fireworks have a new use, but they failed to mention exactly what that was. Furthermore, they gave hints that a "potentially controversial" change to combat was released with the snapshot. "You will most definitely notice the difference when you try out the snapshot," Mojang coyly warned, saying they are anticipating a lot of feedback.

Thankfully, subReddit user Redstonehelper posted a full spoiler changelog of the update:

Change to combat mechanics

  • The crosshair attack indicator now always displays if fully loaded while looking at an entity (signified by an exclamation mark underneath) - via

Enchantment changes

  • New sword enchantment "Sweeping Edge"
  • Up to 3 levels
  • Improves sweeping damage - via
  • More info
  • Sound! - via
  • Mending is no longer compatible with Infinity on bows

Iron nuggets

  • Crafting: 9 nuggets for 1 ingot and vice-versa

Many tools and items can now be recycled in furnaces

  • Gold and iron tools/weapons/armor/horse armor yield one gold/iron nugget each
  • Chain armor -> iron nugget - via

A fireworks feature

  • Right-clicking fireworks while flying gives a small speed boost - via
  • Firework rockets with an explosion now do damage - via
  • Death message: "<player> went off with a bang"

And of course, the snapshot comes with a slew of bug fixes that could make your eyes cross. If you'd like to play with Minecraft for PC's snapshot 16W50A, you can do so by setting your launcher to load it up. Remember to backup your save files since snapshots can potentially be more destructive than a TNT block with a lit fuse.

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