Minecraft Preview comes to the Microsoft Store

Kevin Okemwa

Minecraft Preview

Minecraft Preview: Bedrock Edition has finally made its way to the Microsoft Store. Unlike its predecessor, the beta version, Minecraft Preview will be available on multiple platforms. It was already available for all Xbox games on the Xbox insider platform as of February 7th.

The main purpose the Preview version seeks to achieve is to help with the transitioning of the player worlds from the retail version of Minecraft to Preview on Xbox. Mojang aims to achieve this in phases, that said, phase 1 is already in play. In the first phase, players will be required to transition their worlds to a Minecraft Preview placeholder product, then in phase two, Mojang will fully shift the imported worlds to the Preview version as it is already set to phase out the Beta version.

Gamers using Windows now get to enjoy features that are yet to be released, as the development team at Mojang Studios tries to test them out to see what works and what doesn’t. However, this experience is limited to gamers that own Minecraft. During installation, your device must meet the minimum system requirements.

Here are some important things that you should note about the game:

• You will not have access to Realms and will not be able to join non-Preview player’s games
• Most settings (including Family Settings) will not be preserved from the retail version of Minecraft
• Any worlds played in Preview will not transfer to the retail version of Minecraft
• Any content you own in the Minecraft Marketplace will work in Preview
• Any content you buy in the Marketplace while in Preview will use your existing Minecoin balance and will transfer to the retail version of Minecraft
• Preview builds may be unstable and do not represent final version quality

Well, we will just have to wait and see how well gamers using WIndows interact with the game and how smooth the game is on their devices.

Download the app game here: