Minecraft patch fixes security vulnerability and several bugs

Email Twitter: @shuttlecock Apr 21st, 2015 inNews

Minecraft patch fixes security vulnerability and several bugs

A new patch has been released for the popular world-building game, Minecraft, which fixes a few apparently major security flaws which allowed users to force a server out of memory or cause a server to freeze. The update also corrected several smaller bugs such as one that made pets follow spectators, another that placed players in front of nether portals and one that allowed players to duplicate items.

The new version of the game bumps the build number to 1.8.4 and is compatible with all previous versions of Minecraft and shouldn’t cause any changes to saved games besides squashing these bugs and making your game more secure.

Minecraft continues to be one of the most popular games on the market right now and has seen massive expansion in several regions and has evolved into more than a simple game enjoyed by kids. Recently it was announced that a special customized version of Minecraft would be used in Northern Ireland schools and libraries as an educational tool.

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