Minecraft on PlayStation 4 will get PS VR support this month via a free update

Laurent Giret

Minecraft Playstation 4 Psvr

The PlayStation 4 version of Minecraft is getting PS VR support this month via an upcoming free update. On the PlayStation blog today, Mojang explained that PS VR support has been in the works since the Bedrock version of Minecraft was released on PlayStation 4 back in December of last year.

“The Minecraft x PSVR experience itself is based on the Minecraft VR tech that we developed for other VR platforms a few years back. SkyBox Labs took that and have been working their magic to convert and optimise the existing tech for PS VR. And, of course, our friends at Sony have been there all along the way to guide us because they know their system better than anyone,” the Minecraft developer explained.

It’s a bit crazy to think that PlayStation gamers will be able to play Minecraft VR before Xbox gamers. So far, Microsoft’s approach to VR has been PC-focused, and Minecraft for Windows 10 has been supporting VR for years now. Earlier this year, Xbox head Phil Spencer said that Microsoft won’t support VR on Xbox consoles until it becomes a “no-brainer,” the upcoming Xbox Series X will also skip VR support.

Earlier today, Sony also announced a PS VR Spotlight with several news about new PS VR games coming throughout the week. The Japanese company announced back at CES 2020 that PS VR sales had crossed 5 million units worldwide, which remains pretty anecdotic compared to the 110+ PlayStation 4 units sold since 2013. However, Sony has been an early believer in VR and Microsoft will have some serious catching up to do when it decides to finally support VR on Xbox consoles.