Minecraft offers lots of bug fixes in latest snapshot update

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Minecraft developer Mojang has once again released another snapshot update. This time, the update includes a number of notable fixes, and an expansive list of bug fixes.

The snapshot, snapshot 16w41a, resolves issues with Observer blocks, and an issue with damaged items, pistons, and the ascii rabbit. Since the list of changes included in the snapshot is quite expensive, we’ve included a few of the biggest bug fixes and changes for you below.

Notable changes:

  • A number of Observer block fixes
  • Two+ crash fixes
  • The ascii rabbit was removed from the code, but fortunately added again
  • Damaged items are now more bright
  • Nothing wrong with pistons anymore ever. -Grumm

Bugs fixed in 16w41a:

  • [Bug MC-2912] – Creative Mode Hotbar Glitch when using Number Key to exchange items slots
  • [Bug MC-11416] – Dispenser / Dropper / Piston / Command block placing is not consistent
  • [Bug MC-59303] – When placed next to a cactus, the head of bed remains same
  • [Bug MC-70806] – Blocks with a data value > 0 have missing texture in superflat customization
  • [Bug MC-80692] – WitherBoss attacks ArmorStands
  • [Bug MC-96544] – Temperature Freezing Point Inconsistency
  • [Bug MC-97982] – Offhand slot frame rotated 180 degrees compared to hotbar
  • [Bug MC-98009] – Elytra equipment sound using Leather armor equipment sound

For the complete details on the snapshot update, be sure to head over to this official Mojang webpage. Once you have checked it out, be sure to come back to WinBeta and let us know what you think by dropping us a line in the comments section below!

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