Minecraft moves to use Microsoft's privacy policy, clarifies use of device and account identifiers

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Back in 2014, Microsoft officially acquired Minecraft from Mojang for $2.5 billion. Since then, Mojang has held their own privacy policy, but today the Minecraft developer has announced that they are moving to use Microsoft's.

The move means that Mojang can now spend less time maintaining separate policies and more time developing their game. Mojang's new privacy policy, nonetheless, is the same which is used by Skype, Outlook, and the developers of the Halo series, for example.

Minecraft developer Mojang, though, is taking an extra step of explaining part of the new policy. Now, in addition to cookies, Mojang may use device and account identifiers to tell how large their active userbase is, and to also analyze how their games are performing. This was already allowed in the old policy through the use of cookies, but Mojang mentions that they now want their policy to keep up with the times.

For the complete details on the new privacy policy, be sure to head over to the Microsoft Privacy Policy page. And, if you're really concerned about the policy, you can check out all the data which Mojang collects from you by heading over to the in-game options menu.

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