Minecraft master has spent 5 years building a brand new world to explore

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We’ve seen some amazing creations built with Minecraft. The blocky sandbox game has become a tool for creative expression and expression that spearheads  Microsoft’s dive into augmented and virtual reality. But some players were building long before Microsoft even got their hands on Mojang’s hit phenomenon.

User Linard, noted as a Grandmaster Architect on the popular resource site Planet Minecraft, has been building on the same world for approximately four and a half years now (via Business Insider). Beginning in 2012, Linard’s project called Kingdom of Galekin was started with World Painter and has been a work in progress ever since.

Even up to yesterday, the world continues to have updates, the most recent of which was version 1.3 with the addition of the massive South Whitecliff. It has a castle, cathedral, docks, houses, and plenty more to discover.

Of course, this won’t be the last update.Linard has confirmed to commenters that he is planning on spreading the locations a little further apart. However, if the past few years demonstrate a pattern, it might be a while until we get to see it.

Kingdom of Galekin 1.3

If you’re interested in downloading Kingdom of Galekin, you can visit its page on Planet Minecraft. Linard also suggests using a custom resource pack such as Conquest Reforged for better textures. In the future, he even plans to  host his own server with the large fantasy map with different gamemodes.

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