Minecraft is making multiplayer easier with Minecraft Realms, available in Alpha on Android

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The Minecraft experience is about to get a lot better! Today, the folks over at Mojang have announced that Minecraft: Pocket Edition and Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition are getting a snazzy cloud hosted multiplayer world service named Minecraft Realms.

For those who are eager to try it out, the service is now available in an early alpha mode on the Android version of Pocket Edition. The experience is totally free to join, and more details on the Realms subscription options will be shared closer to an official release.

Overall, this means that playing multiplayer on Pocket Edition will become simpler, and make it easier to play on a server with family and friends even if the Realm owner is not available.  Realms also means that players can host their own private Minecraft multiplayer worlds in a safe and simple environment only open to an approved group of people.

Minecraft Realms will not launch officially for a while, but more details will be shared soon on the Mojang blog.  If you would like to help test the early build, and you own an Android device with a copy of Minecraft: Pocket Edition from the Google Play Store, you can opt into the experience here.  You will, however, need to provide your Xbox Live login information to use the service.

If this sounds interesting, you can check out Minecraft: Pocket Edition by clicking below. Once you do download this Android version of the app, you can then opt into the Realms experience by clicking the link above.

Developer: Mojang
Price: $6.99
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