Minecraft Live! annual event set for October 3rd

Laurent Giret

Minecraft Live October 3 2020 Event

Minecraft developer Mojang announced today that its annual Minecraft celebration will air on October 3rd at 12 EST. Due to the ongoing covid-19 pandemic, this will be a digital event, and Mojang has also delayed its Minecraft Festival to 2022. The Minecraft developer has also dropped the “Minecon” name this year in favor of Minecraft Live, and the team plans to share updates about the event on Minecraft.net/Live.

There are not a lot of details about the event so far, but the video teaser mentions “huge updates” and new mobs picked up by the community. This year has been a pretty busy one for Mojang with the launch of the Nether Update for Minecraft, as well as a new dungeon crawler named Minecraft Dungeons on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC. The latter will get its second DLC next month, but there is still no news about cross-play support, which remains a top-requested feature.

Earlier this year, Mojang also announced a rebranding to Mojang Studios, and the new name reflects the developer’s bigger ambitions beyond video games. Indeed, Mojang is currently working on a feature film, a live show, and the studio is also “playing with ideas for brand new games.” We hope to finally get more details about these new projects during Minecraft Live on October 3.