Minecraft is now available on the Nintendo Switch

Good news for Nintendo Switch owners, you can finally play Minecraft on the brand new hybrid console. The game is now available to purchase on the Nintendo eShop in North America, Europe, and Japan, and the sandbox game seems makes good use of some of Switch's unique features.

"This version lets you play with your friends in all manner of ways," explained Minecraft developer Mojang in a blog post. The game supports eight-player online and local play (assuming that all players have a Switch), but the Nintendo Switch edition also supports four-player splitscreen, letting gamers use either Joy-Cons or Pro Controllers. "It’ll run at a smooth 60fps and 720p resolution across all modes and play types, whether you’re playing on your TV or in handheld mode," added Mojang.

The Nintendo Switch edition of Minecraft also comes with the Super Mario Mashup Pack, which brings a very detailed Mario-themed world, 15 tracks from Super Mario 64 and 40 character skins from Mario's Universe. Of course, players will be able to get a lot more additional content by checking popular Minecraft DLCs on the Nintendo eShop. The Nintendo Switch edition of Minecraft is a $29.99 purchase and you can get it here.

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