Minecraft hits another milestone with 25 million copies sold on PC and Mac

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The stat counter on Minecraft.net keeps climbing as the hit sandbox title grows more popular every day. As reported by Neowin, Minecraft is now boasting that it has sold over 25 million copies across PC and Mac and still counting.

Earlier this year, an infographic released by Mojang revealed that the game sold over 100 million copies across all platforms. As of writing this article, the number of PC/Mac copies alone has grown to 25, 076,598. That’s a lot of blocks! Furthermore, the game has sold approximately 8,337 copies in the last 24 hours alone.

Created originally by indie developer studio Mojang led by Markus “Notch” Persson, Minecraft was released on November 18, 2011. That’s not including the long and arduous Alpha and Beta versions available to the public.  Since then, the game has launched across many other platforms from mobile and console to virtual and augmented reality. Mostly with the help of Microsoft who purchased Mojang with the intent to use Minecraft as a flagship for much more than just a PC game.

They’ve even introduced the Minecraft Education Edition for teachers and administrators in schools. Not very many video games can claim that honor making it nearly as memorable as Oregon Trail.

The counter doesn’t clarify whether these sales are strictly for the original Java version or if they include the Windows 10 app as well. Still, the numbers are quite impressive for a PC game. Speaking of java, you can grab a cup and watch the sales count go slowly higher over at Minecraft.net any time. It’s actually kind of therapeutic.

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