Minecraft Exploration update (1.11) available now on PC and Mac

Kit McDonald

Travelers ready your sword and inventories because today Minecraft officially released 1.11, The Exploration Update. First announced at Minecon, the update adds a list of new features into the Java version for PC and Mac.

First and foremost, the new Cartographer NPCs will give you an Exploration Map that will lead you to new adventures. Ocean Monuments and the new Woodland Mansions are indicated on the map with an icon, leading you to explore and fight the new enemies such as aggressive Illagers.

Don’t forget that you can better store your treasures with new Shulker Boxes and Llama caravans.


Mojang also lifted up the hood to add some new tags, particles, splash texts, and strings giving modders just a little more to toy around with behind the scenes. Interested in reading more? The update’s changelog isn’t available yet but the Wiki has been updated with the snapshot’s content.

The Exploration Update for Minecraft adds a lot of new gameplay and enhances the rest. To download the update, open your launcher and select the profile for current release content, then dive into your next journey. Don’t worry, Herobrine was removed.