Minecraft Education Edition gains Geometry World and Lessons add-ons

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Ever since Microsoft bought out Minecraft, the game has grown even more popular through commercial and educational interests. Specifically, the realization of Minecraft’s benefits towards students and educators has birthed the Minecraft Education Edition resource. With Education Edition, students are encouraged to use creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving skills in the large virtual environments generated by Minecraft.

While Minecraft Education Edition is still limited to only eligible academic institutions, resources have been made publicly available through the website for all ages five and up. Unfortunately, the game resources aren’t able to be used with the standard Minecraft game’s files. But educators are encouraged to submit lesson plans and worlds of all types to the Minecraft Education resources for publication.  These submissions provide enriched virtual learning environments such as exploring historical monuments, studying number charts and providing organized creative outlets.

Recently added is the Geometry World targeted for junior high students between the ages of 9-12:

Created by Marco Vigelini & Alisia Arconi, this world and lesson plan walk students through opportunities to explore basic geometric concepts of area & perimeter. Have your students discover the relationships between these measures as they related to quadrilaterals and other shapes, and when you’re finished, use the open space to build even more.

Students are encouraged to develop key skills such as critical thinking, collaboration, and communication as they construct shapes together. There are eight assignments in total in the Geometry World that prompt teams of students to build rectangles according to the perimeters specified. Exploring perimeters, area, and space management through the virtual world provide a three-dimensional understanding of shapes and figures.

Interested parties can download the world save file and lesson plan separately to explore and learn.

This is just one of many other resources available in the World Library for Minecraft Education Edition. Or make sure to check out the rest of the resource center for downloadable tutorials, biomes, worlds, and lesson plans organized by age and topic. Minecraft Education Edition brings learning to a new level through virtual stimulation and creative reward as a leader in the next generation of educational tools.


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