Minecraft Earth gets a new Battery Saver mode

Jonny Caldwell

Minecraft Earth mobile video game

When we think of battery killers on our devices, perhaps the best example are AR-based video games. They often access the camera, perform heavy video processing, and use location services all simultanously.

Luckily for Minecraft Earth, the augmented reality version of Mojang’s popular blocky video game is receiving a new Battery Saver mode. As explained in the tweet from the game’s Twitter account, the new mode allows users to easily pause the state of their game with the screen off by simply turning putting phone face down, then return to the game quickly after picking it back up, thus helping to save battery life.

Minecraft Earth was launched in early preview in November of last year in the United States, after being available in New Zealand, Iceland, Australia, Mexico, Sweden, and the UK. The game is available to play for free, although players can choose to purchase  the premium currency “rubies” to buy buildplates and speed up crafting.

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