Minecraft Earth early access kicks off in New Zealand and Iceland, with more countries to follow soon

Dave W. Shanahan

Minecraft earth on phones

The latest news regarding Minecraft Earth comes via a tweet on Twitter, starting with Minecraft Earth’s release in New Zealand and Iceland, with more countries being added soon. Minecraft Earth may be testing the waters by releasing to a handful of countries at a time instead of relying on a worldwide release of the Android and iOS game.

Minecraft Earth is modeled after Pokemon Go where you can use your phone to create a mixed-reality experience on your mobile device. Minecraft Earth allows you to build items and structures with friends and place them in the real world! Minecraft Earth allows you to build your own Minecraft universe in your neighborhood. The Minecraft Earth website also gives new users an early access walkthrough video of how to use the game in their everyday lives with this introductory video seen below.

Stay tuned for news of when Minecraft Earth will be available in your country. As planned, Minecraft Earth is rolling out now in October 2019. Are you excited to start playing Minecraft Earth on Android or iOS? Let us know in the comments!