Minecraft Earth “Boost Minis” are new cute Amiibo-like figurines that will unlock in-game bonuses

Arif Bacchus

Minecraft Earth players are in for a toy-themed treat. Indeed, Mojang has teamed up with Mattel to debut a new series of mini-figures known as “Boost Minis” that can that unlock special bonuses in Minecraft Earth.

A bit similar to the Amiibo figures for Nintendo Switch games, this new line of collectibles are pocket-sized, and can also fit in a special potion carrying case. They work with NFC capable phones in a similar way to tapping an Amiibo on the Nintendo Switch controller.

Players will be able to scan the figures with their phones and “boost” their Minecraft Earth experience in up to 10 ways.  This includes increased tappable radius, decreased crafting time, XP increase, increased health/attack damage/defense, and more. According to Kayleen Walters, Minecraft’s GM of Licensing & Partnerships:

“Minecraft Earth Boost Minis are a fun way for players to enhance their Minecraft Earth gameplay experience. The Boost Minis are simple, intuitive, and are just one example of how Minecraft Earth and Mattel are providing innovative Minecraft experiences for the community.”

Mojang will be launching 20 special Boost Minis this Spring, and each will be themed for a specific boost. Players who don’t choose to purchase Mattel Boost Minis can also get the “boosts” through the in-game store using their earned rubies. Prices on the Boost Mini figures will start at $5. You can keep an eye on this product page to buy one when Boost Minis becomes available this Spring for purchase.