Minecraft Dungeons video game attracts over 11.5 million players in 232 regions

Brad Stephenson

Minecraft Dungeons video game on Xbox One and Windows 10.

The Minecraft Dungeons video game is now just over a year old. To celebrate, those behind the Minecraft spin-off decided to share some stats on how the game is being experienced by its playerbase across Windows 10 PCs, Xbox consoles, and all of its other supported platforms.

Of particular note is the number of unique players that have played Minecraft Dungeons at least once during its first year; 11.5 million. Pretty impressive.

While specifics on platforms, locations, and other player statistics aren’t provided, it is mentioned that Minecraft Dungeons is played in 232 different countries and territories around the world. Not bad considering that there are 241 countries and territories.

Other fun stats include the number of items used (13,101,256,799), blocks walked (419,311,294,165), and damage taken (107,513,819,581,867). All of the released stats can be viewed here.

Minecraft Dungeons was originally set to launch in April last year but it was delayed by several weeks due to the global pandemic and eventually came out on May 26th. The game is a dungeon crawler title that supports both solo and multiplayer sessions and is available on Windows 10 PCs, Xbox One consoles, the newly-released Xbox Series S and X, Nintendo Switch, and Sony’s PlayStation 4. Minecraft Dungeons can also be played via Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming streaming service.

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Minecraft Dungeons
Minecraft Dungeons
Developer: Xbox Game Studios
Price: Free