Minecraft Dungeon’s second seasonal adventure, Luminous Night, goes live

Robert Collins

Updated on:

Minecraft Dungeons second seasonal adventure is now underway as Luminous Night launches today.

Luminous Night brings a host of new additions to the game, such as new rewards in the form of emotes and skins, as well as two new pets: the ministrosity and the abomination. Another great addition this new adventure introduces is a storage chest in the camp, which players can use to keep all their in-game items secure. Other quality of life additions include an improved UI.

The Tower now has floors featuring new biomes, and the Wildfire enemy makes a return in Luminous Night. New skins include the Amethyst Warrior and Glow Getter, just to name a few. Being night-themed, the adventure also sees the inclusion of new flairs like the Spore Blossom and Lava Burst. And these are just a sample of the new things awaiting players.

As with the first seasonal adventure, Cloudy Climb, Luminous Night is entirely free to download and play.