Minecraft delays Boss Update for Windows 10, Pocket editions due to Creeper bug

Minecraft Creeper from Mojang Pocket Edition Windows 10 Beta

We were supposed to be able to report on the new Boss Update for Minecraft Pocket Edition and Windows 10 Beta. Unfortunately, the release of ocean monuments, new boss battles, and introduction to slash commands has been put on hold.

Minecraft PR Aubrey Norris announced via Twitter that the update was being delayed due to a catastrophic glitch. It seems that creepers were able to explode through walls without being able to even see the player character. This would have been a game-breaking bug for a lot of players considering creepers not only destroy the blocks around them in a radius but pack enough punch to kill the player and send them straight back to spawn.


Ever since its announcement at Minecon, the Boss Update has been an exciting topic for PE and Windows 10 players. It’s even updating the Minecraft Gear VR edition to support the use of an Xbox One controller. Players will also have access to the new Add-On platform to install new maps and content into their games conveniently from the Minecraft.net website. It’s safe to say that a lot of die-hard fans holding their breath with anticipation.

There isn’t an estimated time as of yet for the taming of the creepers. Aubrey said that she hopes it’ll just be a few days. Hopefully, it won’t be long before the update rolls out.

But what can you do? Creepers gonna creep.

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