Minecraft on consoles to get a double dose of DLC

Arif Bacchus

If you’re a fan of Minecraft, now is the right time to get your credit card ready. The folks over at Mojang have taken to an official blog to announce that Minecraft on consoles is getting a double dose of DLC.

The first of the DLC is $2.99 Battle Map Pack 2, which includes includes three maps created exclusively for the Battle mini-game Atlantis, Ruin and Siege. The second set of DLC, and also priced at $2.99, is the Redstone Specialists skin pack.  Monjang notes that this pack is for those who have been yearning for way to express their love of Redstone or for those who just like the quirky styling of these technical wizards.

These are just the latest additions to Minecraft. Back a few months ago the console versions of the game got the free Battle Mini Game, which gives you the challenge of taking down friends and enemies (online or locally) in ferocious combat.  Minecraft Story Mode also got a new episode today, marking the second to last addition to the story mode season.