Minecraft celebrates 1 year anniversary on Windows 10, announces upcoming Oculus Rift support

Arif Bacchus

The team over at Minecraft is in a festive mode, and is celebrating the first anniversary of Minecraft on Windows 10.  As a thank you to the community for the support over the last year, they are releasing Oculus rift support for Minecraft via a free update in the next few weeks.

If you already own Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta, then this update will be no cost to you. While the anniversary is today, the free update will be rolling out in the few weeks. The release of Oculus Rift support for the “Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition” Beta, however, means you can soon experience the Windows 10 version of Minecraft in a whole new way –virtual reality on Oculus Rift!

Minecraft, Windows 10, Xbox

This will mark another venture for Minecraft on Windows 10, which has already seen 12,000 code check-ins, 6,000 bug fixes, and 15 updates with dozens of new features for the community since the title launched a year ago. In fact, the Minecraft team has even recently released a free map for Minecraft, and the Villains Skin Pack for Windows 10 and Pocket Editions of the game earlier today

In the event that you don’t already own Windows 10, and are interested in trying Minecraft in VR, there is no reason to fret. There is still one day left to the July 29th deadline for the free Windows 10 upgrade, and a chance to grab Windows 10 for free and save some money by only paying to download Minecraft Windows 10 Edition ($9.99 from the Windows Store).

Minecraft for Windows
Minecraft for Windows
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