Minecraft Caves & Cliffs Part I update is now available

Laurent Giret

The Caves & Cliffs: Part I update for Minecraft is now available on all platforms where Minecraft is available. This is the first part of a major update for the popular sandbox game, with the second part to follow later this year during the holiday season.

The main new additions in the Caves & Cliffs: Part I update include new mobs such as the axolotl, goats, and glow squids. Players will also find new block types such as small and big dripleaf, pointed dripstone, caves vines and glow berries, azalea and azalea leaves, amethyst geodes, and cooper, which make it possible to craft brand new items such as new spyglass, tinted glass, and lighting rods.

The Caves & Cliffs: Part I update is free to download on the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft for Windows 10, consoles, and mobile devices, as well as the Java Edition for Windows, macOS, and Linux. The entire Caves & Cliffs experience that will come with the Part II update later this year is expected to bring more gameplay changes, and developer Mojang Studios previously mentioned a new archaeology system to add more variety to caves and mountains.

Minecraft for Xbox consoles is free to play with Xbox Game Pass, though be aware that the Windows 10 version isn’t. It remains to be seen if the sandbox game will get some screen time during Microsoft’s Xbox & Bethesda games showcase this Sunday, especially since Xbox Series X|S owners are eagerly waiting for a next-gen update. Minecraft for Windows 10 got an impressive ray-tracing update last year, and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X|S consoles both have more than enough power to make the sandbox game a little bit prettier.