Minecraft Aquatic update to bring dolphins, water biomes, water physics and more

Jack Wilkinson

At MineCon Earth, Microsoft unveiled the next major update coming to Minecraft. Called Aquatic, the update is set to overhaul everything water.

So far, only a preview of the update has been shown, but there’s a number of major features and changes coming in this update, including:

  • Dolphins – they’ll help you find treasure in the ocean
  • Water biomes
  • Shipwrecks
  • Water physics
  • Trident – a new melee weapon that can also be thrown like a boomerang and retrieved with a Loyalty enchantment
  • New fish and water plants
  • Catching fish in buckets – these will allow you to place the water with the fish to build aquariums
  • Items will be able to float on water, with water columns that can pull things into the water
  • Icebergs

The update is expected to release in 2018, although no firm date has yet been given. Minecraft’s Aquatic update will release to all compatible platforms on the Bedrock edition, including Xbox One, PC and mobile.